Newmarket is Auckland’s Premiere Shopping Precinct, Newmarket consists of 580 plus retailers and more than 3000 businesses. 20,000+ people per day travel through Newmarket; it is a major transportation hub for buses, trains and vehicles. The Borough is home to many education facilities both Primary and Secondary whose pupils descend on Newmarket daily; it is second only to CBD as Auckland busiest precinct and is known as Auckland’s premiere shopping precinct.

Like other major precincts Newmarket had its problems; theft from vehicles, vehicles being stolen, burglary, shoplifting, graffiti and street disorder were relatively common occurrences.

The problems being faced by the Newmarket Business Association, who represent all business operators within the precinct, was significant enough for them to contract various security companies from time to time to try and combat their issues, unfortunately the services being offered did little to counter the problems.


The Board of the Newmarket Business Association approved a proposal to seek appropriate contenders to elect a dedicated security provider to Newmarket.

Our proposal was endorsed by the Board and commenced services in June 2003.The proposal detailed how with the cooperation of all of the local business owners and managers, a dedicated service would be established. This service would provide 24 hour on call service, it would never leave the Borough of Newmarket, therefore speed of response to alarms and other emergency situations would be a consistent priority.

The service was called Newmarket Security and a development plan was agreed upon which included convincing all business operators to shift allegiance from their incumbent security provider to the new service. This strategy would enable the service to grow initially from a day shift to a full 24 hour service offering a complete suite of commercial services including Alarm and CCTV sales and Monitoring and Commercial Guard Services.

In February 2012 the service name evolved to Cityguard, as over the years the success of the Newmarket Operation required relocating the Company HQ to a more central location where it was better suited to servicing its many city based customers.


Cityguard is the only dedicated security provider to Newmarket and enjoys an excellent relationship with the Newmarket Business Association now in its 9th year. Current services include two day time security officers ‘Community Patrolmen’ and three mobile patrol vehicles operating at night performing physical patrols of commercial premise, responding to alarms, patrolling the streets of Newmarket, looking for potential criminal behaviour.

Recently released Police statistics show a dramatic decrease in reported crime within the Newmarket precinct; this can only be attributed to the hard work of Cityguard Security staff, the Camera Operators monitoring the CCTV system and the commitment and financial support of the Newmarket Business Association and Local Business Community.