Viaduct Harbour


The Viaduct Harbour Marina Restaurant and Bar Precinct bordered by Halsey St, Fanshaw St and Custom Street includes the Viaduct Marina and Princes Wharf operations. This area is considered to be the jewel in the crown of Auckland’s nightlife and entertainment. As such it caters for ages 18 to 60, with many bars and restaurants servicing this diverse demographic.

As a destination entertainment precinct, it inherently has its own problems with New Zealand’s drinking culture and its fallout, placing real pressure on business operators to maintain a consistently high standard to represent their business. Adjacent car parks in the precinct were a significant trouble spot with youths gathering to “pre-load” prior to entering their favourite night spot. An alcohol ban is in force however, without any real enforcement it was widely ignored. Many boats were being unlawfully entered, theft and damage was prevalent.


CITYGUARD implemented the ‘Community Patrol Service’ based on the successful Newmarket formula. Experienced officers were selected to work during the day to manage the busy commercial marina and a team of security officers were placed on the Viaduct to patrol all areas and maintain a very high visibility with a proactive stance in dealing with problem situations. The main vehicle entry to the Viaduct became a managed entry and any undesirable elements were turned away. Better communications with the Down Town Police were established, enabling fast response and accurate information regarding locations, persons and situations.


The Service is in its 7th year of operation, with the CITYGUARD Security team having established a reputation of consistently delivering a highly effective service. We estimate a (46%) reduction in crime, graffiti, undesirable behaviour and a positive increase in environmental impacts such as preservation of our marinas, cleanliness and tourism.

A testament to our success is the continued growth we have enjoyed with operations being expanded to include contracts with Waterfront Auckland including Westhaven Marina, Hobson West Marina, Viaduct Marina, Princes Wharf, Queens Wharf and many local Viaduct and Wynyard Quarter businesses.

Viaduct Harbour