WRC Brother New Zealand Rally

Auckland City hosted the 2012 WRC Rally and set up Operations in the Wynyard Quarter, Viaduct Event Centre and Halsey Wharf areas. Daily WRC Rally Cars were ‘heard before they were seen’ cruising the streets of the Viaduct Harbour and Wynyard Quarter, either heading to, or returning from, special stages around the North Island, a truly surreal spectacle in what is a firmly dedicated Marine environment.

Services Utilised

  • 24/7 asset protection and concierge manpower services, VIP area, arrival-departure management, accreditation point management, CCTV monitoring, high security area management.


Another successful event with all parties highly satisfied with their outcomes. Tributes to Security for their management and co-ordination of actions responding to security situations and responsibilities and managing relationships between multiple stakeholders.

WRC Brother New Zealand Rally