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Our services include alarm monitoring, mobile patrol services and specialist onsite guard services and event security.

The establishment of the CITYGUARD Security name is the culmination many years business development, commencing in 2003 with Newmarket Security and its own unique flavour of Precinct Management, now glowing in operational success (lowest crime stats in 30 years and market dominance), to the distinctly Marine Operation of Viaduct Harbour Security, both operational brands exclusively servicing their own territories. CITYGUARD unites these two iconic Auckland territories, enabling our company to operate across the greater Auckland CBD, offering Rapid Response, Mobile Patrols and Specialised onsite Security Officers.

Our Difference: Precinct & Extra Services

The company’s unique approach to providing ‘precinct patrols’ over and above conventional commercial security services has created a strongly differentiated offering to communities, affinity groups and individual businesses. For example CITYGUARD provides patrol personnel who have gained qualifications in specialised maritime technical skills for its Viaduct & Westhaven Marina precinct services. In an industry typified by generic services and lowest common denominator standards, CITYGUARD provides tailored solutions and services as required; and operationally efficient, economically attractive single and multi-site commercial packages. The company’s services include:
  • Alarm system design & installation
  • Alarm system monitoring
  • Remote surveillance & monitoring
  • Activation call-out response
  • Mobile patrol services
  • Specialist on-site guard services A critical strength of CITYGUARD’s is its success in recruitment and staff development. Selecting high calibre employees and then empowering them to perform at an elevated level, remains a key benefit to the company’s guard clients and our patrols’ community partners.

Working with CITYGUARD

As a next-generation security company CITYGUARD’s fundamental directive is to serve businesses and communities and protect property. We are a specialist security provider focused on commercial property management, community policing, public safety, loss prevention, alarm monitoring and response, concierge services, private events, and precinct protection. CITYGUARD offers a ‘hands on’ and experienced Senior Management Team, including our Operations Management and Senior Supervisors contactable any time night and day. The objective is to provide our customers with individual points of contact and escalation procedures. The engagement process is straight forward and is intended to provide the minimum disruption and swiftest resolution. The steps are:
  • Site visit
  • Assignment scope
  • Recommendation
  • Personnel briefing or recruitment if required
  • Commencement of services
To request a tailored security solution for your business contact us here.
CityGuard CityGuard

A critical strength of ours is recruitment; particularly vital in our industry. Selecting high calibre employees and then empowering them to perform at an elevated level, remains the key differentiator to our business success!

With our Security Headquarters and office located in Sturdee St, Viaduct Harbour, we ensure our Response and Patrol customers within the greater CBD get the response times to alarm activations and calls for assistance currently enjoyed by our Newmarket and Viaduct customers. CITYGUARD represents a truly personalised service, which excels in providing professional property managers and owners a quality Patrol Response Guard Service. The Management Team behind this success story understands that recruitment, training and supervision are the three ingredients to a successful operation; this team is now in its 13th year of management, working as a cohesive unit supporting each other and our customers.
Our philosophy – to provide our customers with individual points of contact and escalation procedures that enable them to focus on their core business objectives – remains paramount to our long-term relationships with our clients. Our clients don’t need to micro manage us, their Security Providers and our reporting procedures keep them up to date daily. Our References in this regard speak highly of our ability to manage and secure environments and property and we encourage anyone to contact our customers directly for their opinion.
The CITYGUARD brand starts telling our story – a unified brand and centralised service for the geographical area we serve and protect. It is the CITYGUARD brand that we will continue to build on the success of our Precinct model and Community Policing into other areas of the Auckland central zone.


While it’s private to our business we don’t mind sharing our internal brand essence model. It’s a declaration of who we are and where we are going as a business…